• Post time: Feb-11-2020

    As you may know, we are still in the Spring Festival and it is by all accounts tragically somewhat longer one this time. You presumably got notification from the news effectively about the most recent advancement of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan. The entire nation is taking on against ...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-26-2019

    Our company has developed new products. The materials are made of PP and cardboard. The products are environmentally friendly and recyclable, bringing office greening. Friends who are interested in the product can understand and discuss, and you are welcome to visit. Read more »

  • Hurmat bilan hayotning barcha tabaqani do'stlaringiz bilan hamkorlik va ajoyib bo'lishi davom
    Post vaqti: Nov-28-2018

    Ningbo Beilun Yongxu Plastik sanoat va tijorat MChJ, Ltd plastik PP ofis ish yuritish, talaba ish yuritish, sovg'a qadoqlash, PP jadvallari, ofis madaniyat va ta'lim mahsulotlarini professional ishlab chiqaruvchi hisoblanadi. Kompaniya Beilun District, Ningbo Siti, umumiy bilan go'zal qirg'oq shahrida joylashgan ...Read more »